• Find the file/app for which you want to add entries to its contextmenu.
  • Install this package on its website.
  • In your chosen file, if it doesn’t exist yet, use the IDE to create a file named .Contextmenu with type contextmenu-1.
  • Create a Skyconfig page within the .Contextmenu file. For example, in the IDE, find it in /sys/apps/ of your website, and copy it into your .Contextmenu.
  • Go back to your chosen file, open its contextmenu, and visit the Skyconfig page you have created.
  • Add form field via drag-and-drop from your toolbar.
  • Open the contextmenu of the form fields to configure them. For those form fields that use a drop-down list, you will have to manually create the options as files on the filesystem. Look at the filesystem of the Example page for examples.